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Trahan Coat of Arms 1204.gif (5913 bytes)


With a right arm of silver issuing from a cloud of the same color, holding three golden laurel branches and accompanied at the upper third by two golden stars.

Azure: Like the clear blue sky. This color represents perfection, and symbolizes aspiring towards a high ideal in victory and success.

Silver Right Arm: Refers to the army; stands for honor in duty.

Laurels: Since ancient times, the laurel has been a tribute to the victorious, the triumphant, and the glorious. It is the symbol of immortality because it remains green through the rigors of winter. In symbolic language, it signifies favor and consideration. The Romans crowned their victorious generals with it at celebrations of triumphs.  In addition to being awarded for military feats, it was also given in recognition of outstanding accomplishments in peace.

Gold: A symbol of generosity and glory. It stands for strength, depth of spirit, of faith, of purity, and of steadfastness. Also denotes love and wisdom.

Stars:  Since long ago, stars have been the symbol of hope. They represent the ideal that every man must forget himself in life and towards which he must strive. They also symbolize night and eternity.


D'azur, a' Un dextrochere d'argent mouvant d'une nuee meme, tenant trois branches de laurier d'or, et accompagne en chef de deux etoiles de meme.

AZUR: Couleur bleu ciel. C'est Ia couleur embleme de la perfection. Symbolise l'aspiration vers an ideal eleve dans Ia victoire et le succes.

DEXTROCIILRE D'ARGENT: Connotation a' l'armee. Embleme de l'honneur sans tache.

LAURIER: Depuis l'antiquite, le laurier est le tribut de la victoire, du triomphe et de Ia gloire. Symbolise l'immortalite' puisqu'il conserve sa verdeur malgre la rigneur de I'hiven Signifie dans le language figure: faveur et consideranon. Les Romains en couronnajent leurs generaux victofleux lors de la ceremonie du triomphe. De plus, Ta couronne de laurier est l'attribut des vainqueurs aussi bien dans les luttes pacifiques que dans les combats guemers.

OR: Symbolise de la generosite' et de la gloire. Embleme de la force, de Ia richesse d'ame, de Ia foi, de la purete' et de la constance. Symbole aussi amour et sagesse.

ETOILES: Depuis longtemps, l'etoile est l'embleme de l'esperance. Symbolise l'ideal que tout hornme est en devoir de se forger dans la vie et vers lequel doivent tendre tous ses efforts. C'est aussi le symbole de Ia nuit et de l'eternite.

How did this Coat of Arms Come into being:
Federal Judge Marcel Trahan, Montreal, Canada, Pierre Trahan, and Father Clarence d'Entremont researched records in France and other European countries, found many Crests attributed to different Trahan and associated clans, but were not very interested in using such to represent the Trahan's of post deportation times.  This crest was arrived at, and representing our families in our part of the world.  This was all done prior to the first Congre' Mondal held in Quebec 1989.  It has been adopted by most Trahan families in North America.  It is copy righted in both Canada and the United States, therefore the reason some variance of the crest are being marketed as the Trahan Crest or Coat of Arms, though those not being authentic.  They have to have permission to so use and market, with revenues to the Trahan Association, which they do not want to do.