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Trahan Family Association

Photos of Nova Scotia-2004 Reunion
Awards & Certificates of Appreciation

Ms. Agns Lger, read a message from her sister,
Senator Viola Lger, from the Grand Pre District.


Brenda C. Trahan gave a very good sales pitch
about the Acadian Memorial, St. Martinville, La.

Ernest Ray Trahan congratulates Eric on a
job well done while presenting him with a
Plaque of Appreciation for the reunion.


Fred Trahan started out as the President of the Nova Scotia Trahan Assoc, but due to illness had to step down, but he also received a a Certificate of Appreciation for the ground work he put in place.

Evelyn and John Leger received a beautiful picture in recognition of all the work they put in towards making this reunion a success.  Evelyn was the Reunion Committee Chairperson for the Richilieu Leger Family Assoc.

Darlene Trahan (Mrs. Francis)  was instrumental in many of the plans for the reunion, therefore she received a much deserved Certificate of Appreciation.  Wonder who got the best in this one!

Pat Trahan (Mrs. Fred)  received a Certificate of Appreciation from the 3 families gathered for her outstanding work in making the reunion such a huge success.

Proving that behind every good woman stands a good man, Francis Trahan (Mr. Darlene) also accepts a
a similar certificate as a small token of appreciation for his work towards a very successful reunion.

Eric Trahan presents a token of Thanks to Ernest Ray Trahan from Louisiana, while Brenda (Mrs. Ernest) looks on for all the support the Trahan Family Assoc. in Louisiana did to promote this reunion.

Ernest Ray Trahan holds high his prize, so richly deserved.

Mrs. Eric Trahan accepts a bouquet of flowers as token of appreciation from all at the reunion for
all the nights she had to do all the home tending while Eric was away on reunion business,
appropriately named
"Saint Mrs. Eric Trahan."

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