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Pierre Trahan Family
Holds Meeting in
Lake Arthur, La.


On Saturday, June 12, 2004, Michael "Mitch" Conover, the Trahan Genealogist and myself, yours truly, webmaster for the Trahan Family Association, an association with international membership, were honored to be invited to speak at the annual stockholders meeting of the Pierre Trahan Family Corporation in Lake Arthur, Louisiana.

What a treat it was to mingle, chat, and enjoy the company of such hospitable people. Of course what else would you expect from a Trahan Family. They enjoyed their kith and kin, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers and sisters, all descendants of Pierre Trahan and his first wife, Merelia (Emerilla) Simon, and his second wife, Evikia
(Evicher) Dronet.

This group of "Acadians" are all descendants of the two ancestors named above, and have formed a corporation to enjoy the assets of their progenitor, all shared in a very cordial manner. Pierre moved to the area in some years ago and acquired a vast amount of land, farmed, raised cattle, hunted, fished and enjoyed good family life, which he imparted to his descendants. So once a year the family gets together to attend to the business of the corporation, all run in the same manner as any other corporation and the family’s tradition – officers, board of directors and voting membership.

But of course whenever you get such a group, slightly over 200, together, you will always have a good feast, good jokes, friendly camaraderie, and last but not least, a Cajun Band to liven up the event. That day was no different – a delicious Bar-B-Q with all the trimmings and side dishes including many delicious, though very heavy on the calories, deserts.

Our mission there was to acquaint the family members present with the existence of the Trahan Family Association, our missions, namely the erection of a monument in Nova Scotia, during the upcoming Congres Mondial 2004, to our mutual ancestor Guillaume Trahan. The second Trahan mission explained is the work toward ensuring the continuance of the Acadian Culture in our region by donating French books and teaching material to schools involved in the French Immersion Program, as well as to parochial schools that teach French. The attendees were very generous and several jointed the Association with the proceeds going to the monument, and we thank them profusely.

While yours truly was mingling with the crowd, Mitch was busy on his computer entering data gathered from those in attendance. Genealogy is always a hot topic at any family gathering, and this was no exception. Mitch spent the better part of two days editing and entering the data gathered. Although the Association has data on most of the "Old Folks" and some "Not so Old Folks," it is quite a task to gather data on the younger generations, and as evidenced by the following pictures, many "Young Folks" were at the meeting. This group of Trahan’s have to be commended in bringing their teen-agers, young adults, and even toddlers to family functions. What a fantastic way to keep and teach family ties.

This family has published an excellent cookbook with memories and recollections of the family members of living on the farm in the area. The contents were all contributed by the family members and is a worthwhile addition to any collector of cookbooks. Ordering information is summed at the end of this web page.

Our heartiest thanks to our hosts for the days’ events, Mr. Louis Trahan, Jr. and his lovely wife, Wilda, pictured here:

Other pictures of the event:

Everybody pitches in to help serve the many dishes.


Cousins Tyler Trahan and Natalie take time off from their work at the registration
table for a hearty meal.

As reported, some came from far and near.  Here Melba Lee Vaughn, a very young 94
enjoys the meal accompanied by her son Thomas Vaughn, both from Houston, Texas.

Marie Trahan and Lenora Menard from the Louis Trahan Jr. branch of the Family
prepare to serve the many deserts brought by the members.

Lines formed early for the good eats.

A panorama of Trahan Descendants of all ages enjoying the meal.

After a good meal, many interesting conversations with family members.

Of course you cannot have a family outing without music!


This family is so well organized, they have their own cookbook, all authentic Trahan recipes,
 complete with a short essay about their Ancestor and life on the farm.  Well worth the $8.00 plus shipping. 
 To order, simply write a short note indicating you want to order the cookbook, make a check for $10.50 to cover the cost of the cookbook  plus  shipping and mail to:
Melva B. Dugas
207 Allen St.
Jennings, La.  70546