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Famille Trahan


                             April 2013                       ENSEMBLE ENCORE             


To the Membership:
Past President Ray Trahan has received the message reprinted below, to the effect that Mr. Legere has taken the task of organizing a reunion of the Legers and Trahans, and would like a response ASAP on the possible numbers from our organization that are thinking of attending the 2014 Congre in the Edmndston area of Canada and USA (Maine).  This is in order to reserve a place large enough to accommodate the attendees.  So please respond by either emailing or a card to me at lgtrahan@cox.net so we can inform Mr. Legere.       

On 4/11/2013 2:20 PM, rolande légère wrote:

Salut Ray,
My name is Rolande Léger,   Edmundston area where the CMA2014 celebration will be held.
Last evening the committee had our first reunion.  The date for the family reunion is not  determine.
We were not able to make a decision as we need more info.
The committee ask to check with the Trahan before we decide a date, therefore we would like to know
when the Trahan are planning to arrive in the area?  how many people will be attending ( an idea).  We need to have an idea so we can find an area for the reunion....
I heard that august 16 , 17 the Trahan will not be available to join the family reunion  because you will be busy with different activities.
If you decide to join the Léger family, do you have any activities that you would like for us to add during the day.........
Here are the date that we thought would be appropriate to accommadate everyone. ... Between August 8 to August 12, one day and a half, or just one day......Aug 17 , 18 , any suggestions on your part?
We all want to attend to the  Tintamarre on the 15 and join the crowd on the 16 with Zachary......
Hope you can help us make a decision and keep me inform on your plan and activities....
Your respond will be greatly appreciated as soon as possible.
Our next meeting is in 2 weeks......
Rolande Léger,  representing the Léger/Trahan family Reunion
Note:  So where is Edmunston?  Situated in the extreme NE part New Brunswick, just inside Canada from extreme Northern Maine, USA.  This is 237 miles north of Bangor, Me. by way of I95 and Canada 2, or from Lafayette, La. by way of either of 3 routes, still 2069 to 2100 miles. It is a fairly new city and has a very nice website showing hotels, etc.  Just Google Edmunston, N B and get the details.  The Congre site is www.CMA2014.com  if you want to see the listing of all the families organized and where they will meet.




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