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By Mitch Conover, Editor  
email:  whiskey6@cox.net    

Vol. VII                                                               Ensemble Encore                                               Summer        -       2005

        Famille Trahan

 Volume VII               ENSEMBLE ENCORE                 Summer Issue 2005


Remembrances past and present  


On May 30th we had occasion to commemorate our veterans and fallen comrades during Memorial Day. We have many to remember, from 1776 to the current heroes of today, and yet it is also essential that we recall our forgotten heroes, those ancestors who in 1755 were confronted by a superior (in size) force of British Troops sent to Acadia to forcibly remove the Acadians from their fertile lands. The British had long coveted these lands, and force would be their only avenue to obtaining these lands. When their time came in 1755, and they were successful in capturing and deporting most Acadians, a few would resist. The group of resistors, led by Joseph “dit Beausoleil” Broussard and his brother Alexandre “dit Beausoleil” Broussard, would fight the British to a standstill, utilizing methods known today as guerilla warfare.

When in 1759, after the fall of Louisburg to the British, and during a harsh winter, the group would surrender, rather than allow their women and children to starve or freeze to death. Prior to the fall of Louisburg, the resistance group received many provisions from people of Louisburg.

I would point out, that in surrendering his force to the British, Joseph “dit Beausoleil” would dictate to the British Commander his terms of surrender, and the British Commander would eagerly accept, rather that continue a battle against this resistance.

Many of you are now wondering why I bring up this group, led by Broussard Brothers. I can state without reservation, that these two brothers, and as as their Brother Charles (who had been captured and deported to France) are descendants of Guillaume Trahan, our progenitor. I would also point out that in the resistance were Michel Trahan and two sons and brothers. Michel Trahan would be imprisoned in Halifax, Nova Scotia, as were all of the resistors, and would, upon their release, sail from Halifax, and eventually arrive in 1765 in Louisiana. Michel Trahan, was the first Trahan Male to arrive in Louisiana, and his ancestors are plentiful throughout Louisiana today.

I would also remind all that this year, 2005, we celebrate the 250th Anniversary of that forced deportation referred to as the “Grand D'Rangement” To commemorate this anniversary, numerous celebrations are being held throughout Canada and Louisiana. In fact, the Acadian Memorial in St Martinville began their schedule of events in March, and events will occur there throughout the year.

Additionally, Famille Trahan will join with their cousins in CAFA’s celebration on August 27, 2005 in Rayne, Louisiana at the Rayne Civic Center. We encourage all to participate, and ask those who can to volunteer for one of the many tasks we will need to do.

Lastly, I would remind you that ten years ago a small group of 13 individuals gathered in Crowley, Louisiana in an empty court room to work on the project of organizing our family for purpose of an upcoming Congres Mondial to be held in Louisiana in 1999. Of the original 13, several have passed away, one without seeing fruit of his efforts or the labor of love he devoted to to the project.

I would be remiss, if I failed to note that the original idea of a Trahan Family Association grew from the thoughts and work of a Judge in Montreal, Quebec, Judge Marcel Trahan. In 1986 at Trois Riviere and Louisburg, Quebec, Judge Marcel and his group hosted a reunion that brought together over a thousand Trahans from all over the globe. Following that event, Judge Marcel would continue to hold this group intact, would solicit ideas and genealogy, and would write, print, and mail a newsletter to all those who attended that event. Judge Marcel would accomplish his newsletter in both French and English, no easy task. Judge Marcel would continue this work until his health gave out.  Recently a book, written in French, the native language of the Acadians, was written on the life of this remarkable man, now in his nineties. I would recommend the book for those interested in history, heritage, and hard work of being an Acadian Descendant.

How nice it would be to pass on to our children, the history of their ancestors, where they came from, what they did, the language they spoke, and what their religious beliefs were. Unfortunately, it is hard to pass on something that so few know anything about. Often I have people tell me they don’t have time for the past, and that they aren’t interested; actually, what they are saying is that they do not know, and are afraid to ask for information. I venture to say, that many never talked to their parents or grandparents about their lives, their relatives, or the hardships they encountered, like being spanked if they spoke French in school.

Today, many schools have French Immersion Programs to teach the children French; sad, that the program was not available twenty years ago, when some of these students would have been able to talk to their grandparents in French. The Famille Trahan supports the French Immersion Program, and we still cannot understand why Vermilion Parish has not joined other parishes in starting immersion programs, since Vermilion Parish has more Acadian Descendants than any other parish in Louisiana.

I mentioned nurturing the family association, and the best method is to bring in younger members, help them become familiar with who they are, their ancestors, and to extend the pride that each of you should be proud of. The association promotes history, heritage, language, and religious freedoms, and we assist those desiring help with their genealogy. We have gatherings twice a year, and we have them in Louisiana, so one doesn’t have to plan a vacation to drive to and attend these meetings.

Thus far we can reach back in time to the 1650’s for lineage and history. Will there be someone to tell our descendants of our history in 10, 20, or 50 years from now? Don’t wait till time has passed you by.

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

President’s Corner

By Ray Trahan


Following our successful crawfish boil, the “Famille Trahan” now turn our attention to preparing for participation in the upcoming Commemoration of the 250th Anniversary of Acadian Deportation of our ancestors from Acadia in 1755. This commemoration will take place in Rayne on August 27, 2005 (note schedule of events on page 2 and 3).

I would also take time to recall the sacrifices of the veterans on Memorial Day, and to thank them for the service they provided to our country and all of us, and thank each and everyone who have served our country during times of hostility, on this Memorial Day, and to thank each and every one of them, and to remember those who gave their lives to the noble cause.   .

In June I will meet with the Board of Governors to finalize our plans for August 27th, and also to set a date for a family gathering sometime in October or November. I note that we will need volunteers to help us for the event in Rayne, and ask all that can to volunteer. If you are able to help in any way, please let us know.

Lastly, I would remind each of you that since the beginning of March, the Acadian Memorial in St. Martinville, Louisiana, has been conducting events in conjunction with the 250th Commemorative of the Deportation, and invite you and your family to pay a visit to the Memorial.  Program of scheduled events will be available, and proceeds from sales will go to the Acadian Memorial for operating costs. So please, take the time to help, to learn more about your heritage and history, and to promote the Memorial.

Ernest Ray Trahan
President, Trahan Family Assoc.

e-mail:  beaufile@bellsouth.net

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Bits and pieces

By Loubert Trahan

In lieu of my usual Bits and Pieces, I will utilize the space to provide you with a schedule of the Acadian Heritage Day in Rayne on August 27, 2005.

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Acadian Heritage Family Day

27 August 2005-Rayne Civic Center

Morning Program:

8:00 am until Registration ($5.00 admission 12 and older)

8:00 am-4:00 pm Booths open.

9:00 am -9:50 am Entertainment

10:00 am -11:00 am Opening Ceremonies

11:30 am- 12:30 am Lunch

Afternoon Program:

12:00 noon-1:30 pm Young Musicians Contest -Fiddle & Accordion

1:30 pm -3:30 pm Entertainment-Terry Huval and Jambalaya

4:00 pm -5:00 pm Closing Mass-Monsignor Joseph Bourque

General information:

FAMILY BOOTHS: Family organizations will be able to have family booths as we had for the Louisiana Purchase Celebration in 2003. It will be located in the back ballroom with each booth provided with a table and 2 chairs in a 10’ by 10’ area. We are including a form to apply for booth space with this newsletter. Booths can be reserved by filling out the form or contacting Woody Hebert at 337-896-5305 or by going to www.cafa.org and downloading a form and sending it to Woody at the address listed on the form. Cost for a booth is $50.00 and families keep profits from sales. We encourage all family organizations to participate and register for a booth. It will add a lot to the event by providing those attending to be exposed to all of the family organizations. Genealogical organizations are also invited to participate at the $50.00 cost for a booth.


FINAL PLANS FOR "ACADIAN HERITAGE FAMILY DAY": We have scheduled a special meeting for Saturday June 25, 2005 at Scott City Hall located in Scott on Lions Club Road for 10:00 am. We are asking all CAFA Family Organizations to have several representatives in attendance. This meeting will be the final planning meeting before the August 27, 2005 event in Rayne. Reports will be given by all committees such as entertainment, food, program, and booths. PLEASE MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO BE PRESENT.



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