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By Mitch Conover, Editor  
email:  whiskey6@cox.net    

Vol. VIII                                                      Ensemble Encore                            Spring        -       2008


Famille Trahan

 Volume VIII               ENSEMBLE ENCORE                   Spring  Issue 2008

Gathering set for April 26, 2008 in Maurice

The Famille Trahan will co-host a Gathering with the “Famille Beausoleil” in Maurice on April 26, 2008 at the Woodmen of World Hall.  As is the case for all our Gatherings, there is no admittance charge, membership is not required to attend, and only charge is for those choosing to stay for meal. I would again ask those attending, who can do so, to bring an item for dessert table.

The date in April signifies a change in planning to afford the Association an opportunity to space out our gatherings, and November is the likely month for the next Gathering.

Among topics to be covered in April will be DNA Presentation by Loubert Trahan, Gerard-Marc Braud will comment on his latest book concerning those Acadians who were shipped to France during “Grand Dearrangment”, and a briefing on Spanish Land Grants by Donald Arceneaux, provided  he is still in local area.

At the conclusion of Gathering, a meal of bar-be-que chicken will be available at cost of $10 per person over age 10 years; 10 years and younger eat free. An RSVP is required for all planning to eat the bar-be-que, your RSVP is required not later than noon on April 25th, to allow for purchase of correct amounts of food. Once again we would ask those who can do so, to bring a dessert.

To RSVP use any of the following e-mail addresses whiskey6@cox.net, lgtrahan@cox.net, or telephones: 337-989-0319 or 337-893-2084.

President’s Corner

The plans for the Congre Mondial 2009 are progressing at a better pace now that the time is getting shorter.  A message from Gilles Pinet, the coordinator for the Leger/Legere and Trahan Reunion indicates that souvenir items are being ordered.  The Trahan Assoc. here will order some to have available there for those attending.  The CMA 2009 Committee has given the authorization to one vendor exclusive right to produce these and use the CMA 2009 Logo.  The company will have a mobile boutique on site of the reunion for the sale of these items.  As of now there would be T-Shirts, baseball caps, mugs, flags and other misc. items.  They are also planning to have some with multiple logos, showing the Acadian Flag, Cajun Flag, Leger Logo and Trahan Logo.  These are still in the discussion stage.  All of this will be discussed at the Broussard/Trahan meeting on the 26th of April.  Hope to see you then at the Woodman Hall in Maurice.

Work is progressing along for Louisiana to Host the 2014 Congre Mondial.  We have formed an organization known as “Louisane Acadie”.  An Executive Committee and also a steering committee have been formed and are meeting regularly to make the bid, which is due later this year.  Elected officials, as well as the Mayors and Council of the different parishes and working with us.  Some of the committee members are from the tourist industry, the different tourist bureaus as well as business people-corporate, bankers, etc.

We hope that our endeavors bear fruit.

Bits and pieces

By Loubert Trahan

The progress of the DNA project is ongoing.  They now have over 176,000 records in the YDNA database that includes over 73,000 surnames.  In 2007 Family Tree DNA even opened an office in Zurich, Switzerland to further provide support for the countries of Spain, France, Italy, Germany and England.  More and more evidence is showing up that most of the natives of these countries have similar genetic backgrounds.  Even in my own case, I have been receiving messages from persons throughout the U. S. for more information because we have similar genetic roots.  From these messages, with German, Spanish as well as French, and of course Acadian surnames, it becomes even more evident that some of all our genes are similar to so many others.  We may be cousins, 20 times removed, but our forebears, or grandfathers and mothers of 10,000, 20,000 or further back, were from the same locality.  As I recounted before, our bloodlines all started in East Africa, south of the Sea of Galilee or further south.  Climate dictated some physical changes in different peoples, but its seems that so one is able to look down at another nation’s people and think themselves superior – we all came from the same source.

Trahan History

In 1955, when I first started to research the Trahan Family, I found little information to go on. The Rev. Msgr. George A. Bodin had published a volume on church marriages and births, Genevieve Maission had written a thesis on Acadians that including a History of Guillaume Trahan, and Father Clarence d’Entremont was writing several volumes on Acadians (all in French).

Later Father Donald Hebert began collecting church records. Bono Arsenault would publish a six volume set “Histoire ET Des Acadiens”, the Diocese of Baton Rouge would publish their records, and the records of St Louis Cathedral would be published.

Research required a great amount of time sorting through old court records, successions, wills, and land records. Additional time was required to walk and record data at cemeteries, and it seemed that one would never finish his/her research. Truly, research is easier to accomplish now; however, pitfalls still exist with much used names of Jean Baptiste, Joseph, Marguerite, Marie, and Anne.

With the advent of internet, and the expanded availability of materials allow us to recheck our past research, and to correct erroneous data we have collected along the way.

One aspect has not changed, we have not caught up, and we will never be finished, nor get ahead.  Keeping current is the easiest and best way to do family history.

Separate genealogy note: Scott Hooks is seeking contact with his cousins; Scott is a descendant of Ambroise Mathieu and his wife Marie Irma Trahan. Those who wish to follow up on Scott’s offer can address Scott at 93 J. C. Lear Lane, Mt. Croghan, S.C. 29727. 

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