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By Mitch Conover, Editor

Ensemble      Encore           Vol. VII                                                                        Spring         -       2004

President's Corner
By Ray Trahan

I apologize for the sudden change, and our delay in getting this Newsletter out to you all.

At the last meeting I certainly felt that a meeting in July would permit us time to get all our planning for Nova Scotia, including reservations, accomplished. Since that last meeting, many things have happened, and I realize that we all need more time to get ready.

In reading "Bits and Pieces" by Loubert on the website, I realized that this was something everyone going to Nova Scotia should read. Since everyone does not have a computer or access to a computer to read this article, I asked Loubert to include copy of article in the Newsletter for all to read. Additionally, we will have copy at the meeting for those who attend that have not had the opportunity to read the article.

I have also taken the opportunity to ask Mr. Eddie Richard to brief you all on progress he and his son Zachary have had with State Representatives concerning "Acadian Day". Mr. Eddie will also brief you all on progress being made on school curriculum that will include history of the Acadians.

Our agenda will once again include an invitation to travel agencies to brief you all on tours.

All in all, We will have a full agenda, and as always, we will have a meal to conclude our meeting. Please come, come early and visit your cousins, and bring the family with you.

I would again ask those that can do so, to RSVP to Loubert via phone 893-2084 or

e-mail:   lgtrahan@cox-internet.com  or  Mitch at 989-0319 or e-mail   whiskev6@earthlink.net.

Bits and Pieces
by Loubert Trahan

If going to Nova Scotia, You need Proof of Citizenship, it is required-Birth Certificate and Photo ID such as a State Driver's License and although baptismal certificate is not a proof of citizenship, the Customs website lists it as acceptable.   Hospital issued birth certificates are not acceptable.

If you are making a copy of either, they have to have a seal and not laminated. Current Passports are also acceptable and usually preferred. Apply for a passport at any Parish Courthouse. The fee is $55.00 for the passport and an additional $30.00 for the Clerk of Court, check or money order, plus you must have two passport pictures which can be gotten from Wall Mart, Walgreen or Thrifty-Way Pharmacies or any studio plus a certified birth certificate from the state or baptismal certificate and a picture ID (Driver's License). Allow a minimum of 6 weeks for processing, so now is the time, don't delay. The expedited process from past years is just about not available except in dire emergency.

The following website has over 500 Q & A:
http://help.customs.gov/cgi bin/customs. cfg/php/encluser/std_alp.php

So you don't have a birth certificate - what then? Apply for one at the local health unit or if in Louisiana: Vital Records Registry, Office of Public Health, 325 Loyola Ave., New Orleans, La. 70112 (Tel: 504-5685152)(Long Form $15.00; Short Form - $9.00), and Customs Website listed at the beginning above.)

Anyone under 18 years of age must be traveling with parents, and if not they will need a notarized letter of consent allowing the minor to leave the country with whom ever they are traveling with. Minors under 14 need no photo ID if with parents although they should have a copy of their birth certificate. It is recommended that minors over 14 get a photo non-driver ID Horn the Drivers License Bureau. Other more stringent rules apply if a minor is traveling with only one parent or grandparents. Canada has very strict stringent rules apply if a minor is traveling with only one parent or grandparents. Canada has very strict requirements on this due to child abduction cases. Contact U S Customs for regulations or CAF A. and we will gladly send you a short essay from the Customs website. Important: Canadians do not appreciate U. S. Citizens calling themselves "Americans" because we all live on the North American continent which includes Canada and the United States. therefore citizens of both countries are "Americans" in their eyes.

You will need a jacket and something for your head when we are on the Cabot Trail and when you are on the ferry or when the ship is in the harbor. Sunscreen can be purchased over there.

Rate of exchange today is 1.314, meaning that you get $131.40 purchasing power for $100.00 U. S. money. This changes daily. Most tours make a stop to exchange money and we encourage you to exchange some. Visa, MasterCard and American Express are usually welcome and this insures that you will get the correct rate of exchange the day you make your purchase.

Canada has a Hotel Occupancy Tax of 15 to 18%.

Pack clothing that is easy wearing and does not require ironing. Khaki's, jeans, washable fabrics. You can coordinate your clothing by putting 1 pants or skirt and two tops in a 2 gallon zip lock bag for easy travel. Press out the air and then when clothing is soiled return them to the bag and keep other garments fresh. Rule of thumb for this trip: 7 bottoms and interchangeable tops. Several of the properties have laundry machines for your convenience.

We recommend that you have an ample supply of your medication-in your prescription bottle, not in any other container such as many use to keep a week's supply on a per day basis, or loose. No more than 60 day supply is recommended. Prescriptions from your doctor is just good insurance, just in case. If you should need to have prescriptions filled in Canada, you will have to go to either a doctor's office or an emergency room for a doctor to write a prescription if you do not have one written from your doctor back home Medicare does not pay in Canada. Yes, you get excellent care at the hospitals in Canada. Some hospitalization plans from the U. S. do not cover you in Canada, so check with your plan. If you are on a charter coach most will offer trip insurance, again check this out carefully to see if you need this.

If you are driving your own vehicle to Nova Scotia, it is recommended that you make advance reservations for ferry crossings for the day you expect to cross, or plan on an extra day to take the land route around the upper part of the province, which would be approx. 360 more miles. (the Ann Murrey Center is right off that land route, near Springhill)

Binoculars are a good item to bring

Good comfortable walking shoes are must.

What about pets? Dogs must be vaccinated against rabies at least 30 days before crossing border. Different set of rules for puppies less than 3 months old.

Cats - as a general rule there are no restrictions on bringing domestic cats into the U. S., but cats must be tree of evidence of disease communicable to humans when examined by an inspector at the port of entry, or much expenses incurred.

If you are traveling by charter coach:
You will need to give the tour company your Social Security Number and tell them which form of ID and citizenship you are carrying with you. This needs to be done before June 1. This is for their manifest for Customs.

No need to bring sacks of food. They make regular stops at supermarkets and fruit stands for fresh fruit and other needs. This is just more for you to handle. But remember, unadvisable to try to cross fruits across the border, going or coming back, so buy only what you can eat prior to crossing.

How big can my suitcase be? Even if you have rollers If you can't pick it up, then no one should have to strain on it. Most tour companies have your large suitcase brought to your room each night and picked up in the morning. You handle the small carry-ons. Carry-ons should fit under your seat or in the upper head compartment.

Canada has a Hotel Occupancy Tax of 15 to 18%. This will be discussed on the coaches.

They usually rotate seats--- no exceptions. If you have a motion sickness problem... consult your physician... There is medication that does not make you sleepy and also provides relief when you are on the water.

No personal ice chests. Most have one with bottled water, sodas and beer on board.

You will be informed when you are in a French speaking area.

Purchase your film and disposable cameras here in the states. It is recommended that you have at least one camera that takes panoramic pictures. Peggy's Cove, Highland National Park and Mahone Bay for certain. You will want a picture of the sunset at Smith's Cove.

Ferry Crossings to Nova Scotia:

Portland, Maine USA - - Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

Daily service by the MS Scotia Prince early May through October, 12 hour crossing time. Reservations required. Write to: Prince of Fundy Cruises Limited, Box 4216, Station A, Portland, Maine 04101Call toll free: 1-800-341-7540 or    www.scotiaprince.com

Check out the 1/2 fare rate on certain days


Bar Harbor, Maine, USA - - Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

Daily service on THE CAT from May through mid-October; twice daily July-August. Reservations required. 2 hour 45 min. crossing time at highway speeds.

Tickets must be picked up one hour before sailing.

For rates and schedules call toll free: 1-888-249-7245, or

Write to Northumberland Bay Ferries, 94 Water Street, PO Box 634, Charlottetown, PEl, Canada CIA 7L3 or phone: 902-566-3838 or www.nfl-bay.com   or   www.catferry.com

(2003 one-way rates were $95.00 for compact auto; $145.00 for larger auto or vans over 6'6")


Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada - - Digby, Nova Scotia

Daily service year round; three trips daily during peak months. Reservations recommended. Call toll free 1-888-249-7245 or write to: Northumberland Bay Ferries at the address above or visit their web site   www.nfl-bay.com

$10.00 Canadian Money Fuel surcharge and $5.00 port fee also charged

(2004 rates: $61.00 one way- auto under 20 ft; $103.00 round trip. $5.00 port fee on all vehicles. Large Autos (Vans) Campers, Minibuses 21' - 30' - $88.00 one way and $156.00 round trip. Return trip within 30 days of first crossing. ***************************************************************************************
For those that would rather make the land trip by way of Moncton, N. B. and Truro, NS and back to the Grand Pre area, figure another 360 miles from St. John to Grand Pre, NS

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