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By Mitch Conover, Editor

Ensemble      Encore           Vol. VII                                                                        October         -       2004
Famille Trahan Gathering January 8 ,2005

President's Corner:
By Ray Trahan
I can report to all that the "Congres Mondial 2004" was a huge success, that it exceeded the expectation of all, myself included. The event, from the Grand Opening, until the Closing Ceremony, far exceeded the success we had hoped for.

The Reunion with the Leger Families and the Trahan Family were a great example of what can be accomplished when families work together in unison for a common cause. Eric Trahan and the group he had assembled, provided all the things we had looked forward to, genealogy, tours, guest speakers, great food, and music.

The Acadian Day at the Acadian Memorial at Grand Pre provided our cousins from Canada, the United States, France, and other parts of the
world, with our music, our food, our language (still intact), and the Acadian Heritage that we all cherish.

We had looked forward to having a gathering upon our return, and sharing all the great stories, pictures, and great experiences we had in Nova Scotia. Unfortunately, our meeting place was booked up, through the year, so we have selected January 8, 2005 for the next gathering, and in Maurice at the Woodmen of the World Hall. The gathering will commence at l0 am, and will be over at 1:30 pm; a meal will be served at minimal cost of $5 per person (note that children under age 12 will not be charged for meal). So plan on attending, and on bringing your family, your siblings, your cousins, and a mend or two.

I am looking forward to getting together with all of you, catching up with all of your experiences, and what you have been up to since your return.

Bits and Pieces:
by Loubert Trahan

The Trahan Family and the Leger Families (the descendents of the Richelieu and the La Rosette Leger Families) held'a World Class reunion in Nova Scotia on August 6, 7 and 8th of 2004 near the home site of their common ancestor, Guillaume Trahan.

This event took place at the Old Orchard Inn in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. The management and staff of the Inn went all out to make everybody welcome. Their hospitality I would rate as Five Star, as every member of the staff had a constant smile, and no request went unfulfilled.

The reunion began with registration on Friday afternoon, with each individual family- The Trahan's, the Richelieu Leger's and the La Rosette Leger's each having a registration table. That Friday evening an informal social and gathering was held with the president of each of the families involved welcoming the attendees. Approximately 230 attended.

The next morning, Saturday, was devoted to bus tours, all preplanned and pre-registered. Upon returning from the tours the group joined with those who had stayed behind, mingling and making
new friends. Others took advantage of the three computers set up to check up on their genealogy.
That evening a formal dinner
was served, with 194 attending. The loin of pork was served with aU the trimmings and was absolutely delicious. After the meal awards were presented to the planners and doers of this reunion, photos below describing each award. The table decorations, flags with the Coat of Arms of each individual family as well as the Stars and Strips and the Tri-Color of Acadie were very prominent and became souvenirs for many who were able to snatch them before they all disappeared.

Although Butch Leger, President of the Richelieu Leger's of Louisiana could not attend the reunion, his video taped message was played to the
crowd, expressing his regret in not being able to attend, wishing all the attendees a very pleasant reunion, and encouraging all to visit with their old friends and to make many new friends. I think all his wishes came true.
The Sunday Mass was very well attended, although at some distance away from the Old Orchard Inn. Rev. Maurice Leger of Shediac, New Brunswick, was the chief celebrant, and the co-celebrants were Rev. Lee J. Kahrs of DePeres, Wisconsin and Rev. Leger. Rev. Maurice reminded those attending mass just what he thought the letters in ACAD I E stood for: A: Amour, la tere, la famille, native people & attention, the Star of the Assumption;
L Courage, without which our ancestors would not have survived;  A: Accommodations and adaptations to survive;  D: Devotion to our family and our faith in God - Dieu, who was always there and why we are here today - Louisiana, Nova Scotia, California, Texas and many other locales; I - Ingenious and Integrity;  E: Equality, proud but equal to those more powerful, or poor, or trodden.

After mass many stepped forward and gave moving testimonials of what this reunion meant to them. Many hankies were needed to dry some very moist eyes.

After the mass, many journeyed to the St. Famille Cemetery for the dedication of the Memorial
Marker erected by the three families to honor those of their ancestry; another moving experience. This site of La Famille was discovered as the land was being cleared by a developer, while digging footings for homes in the area. After careful search of church and death records, it was determined that approximately 300 of our ancestors are buried at the cemetery that was located near the site of the destroyed St. Famille Catholic Church. A walkway of paved stones inscribed with family names lead to the erected monument. The foundation in charge of acquisition of the land, and improvements to La Famlle Cemetery are still in need of donations to payoff the debt balance around $5000. We encourage all who can do so, to make a donation.

On Monday most visited the Grand-Pre Historic Site and Welcome Center for "Louisiana Cajun Day."  And what a day it was. A day dotted with many moving speeches, presentations, and naturally Louisiana Cajun Music and dancing. Not to be forgotten was the array of Louisiana cooking served to the waiting crowd. Chef Roy Lyons of Crowley, La. did an outstanding job of preparing jambalaya and fricassee. You could see many from Louisiana helping with the serving of the food.
Of course no trip to Nova Scotia can be complete without dining on lobster, scallops, mussels;
or even that. British or Scottish mainstay - fish & chips. The chef and his staff at the Old Orchard Inn are to be commended on their excellent fare.

Special Notice:
Loubert, in the interest of providing a better and faster service to all, has acquired a new e-mail address lgtrahan@cox.net   To insure continuity and smooth transition to all, Loubert will maintain the old e-mail address in addition to new address, until December 15,2004, so there are two ways to reach him!

Genealogical Tidbits:
St Famille Cemetery is the likely resting place of Guillaume Trahan (the son), and Alexandre Trahan. Both of these sons of Guillaume and Madeleine Brun settled with their families at Pisiguit (today known as Windsor), the location of St Famille Cemetery. Jean Charles and his family would settle at Grand Pre, and are likely buried somewhere in the area, as the distance separating the two cities is 20 to 25 miles.

Seeing the pavement of stones leading to the Memorial the Trahan and Leger Families erected was inspiring, and noting the names of the donors reminded me of the pride this family has in its heritage. I can say that between Crowley and Kaplan, the stones were evenly divided, and noted numerous names from other cities throughout the State of Louisiana and from across the land ( even California).
I would join with Ray and Loubert in asking members to donate to this project. I note the pride families take on All Saints Day in taking care of family tombs, and remind all, that St Famille is also a family burial site. No donation is too small, and for $35 you can donate and have a stone marker to commemorate an ancestor or a parent. I would also take this time to commend Don Landry of Metairie for being the first person to bring St. Famille to the attention of Acadians in Louisiana.
Note: Forms for donations will be available at meeting, or may be downloaded from Sainte Famille web site, www.saintefamille.com. and if you can not download the order form, you may do so by going to our own "Buy-A-Brick" page.

Directions to Woodmen of World Hall in Maurice, Louisiana:
If you are traveling on U.S. Highway 167 from Lafayette to the South, turn right at Red Light in Maurice (Hwy 92), and proceed approximately 1/4 mile, and Woodmen of World Hall will be on your left.

If you are traveling North on U. S. Highway 167 from direction of Abbeville to Lafayette, turn Left at Red Light in Maurice (Hwy 92), and proceed approximately 1/4 mile, Woodmen of World Hall is on your Left.

If you are traveling East on Hwy 92 toward Maurice, the Woodmen of World Hall is on your Right as you approach city limits.