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Une Famille, Beaucoup Nom  Vol. 5, No. 2
June 30, 2003

 Trahan Family prepares for June Celebrations


This year June recollections and remembrances will be even greater than in past years. June 6th will awaken our memory to D-Day in 1945, and all those fathers, mothers, and family that served this country so well, and the price they paid in their service to country.

This June 15th will be our time to remember all the fathers, and the sacrifices they have made for all of us. This June will also be a time for all of us to remember all the pioneers that settled an area that today is referred to as the Louisiana Purchase, an area that would become all or part of 15 states of this great country. I would also remind each of you that June 15th will be a time for all of us to remember those Acadian Ancestors of “Acadie”, and join with us in a celebration at the Acadian Memorial in St Martinville, where a replica of the “Deportation Cross” will be dedicated to honor those Acadian Ancestors, the “Grand derangement”, the trials and tribulations they endured and overcame. Following the dedication of this Deportation Cross, the Acadian Memorial will also unveil the mosaic replicas of eight family crests in the Memorial Garden.

Now, as then, we have much to be thankful for, so let each of us reflect unto ourselves, how these events have affected the lives of all of us.

I urge all of you to become involved in the activities taking place this month, to share in these historic events, and in contributing to the preservation of our history, heritage, and our culture.


Bits and Pieces

By Loubert Trahan

Faith and Culture:

This is a reprint in part of Fr. Mitchell G. Guidry’s article in the Abbeville Meridional of Sunday, May 25, 2003.  Fr. Guidry is pastor in Gueydan, La.

“The Acadians, as is widely known, were forcibly removed from their homes in the Canadian maritime provinces by their English governors for two reasons:  They were French and they were Catholic.”

All the Acadians would have to have done in order to stay in their colony of Acadie, now known as Nova Scotia, was to take an oath swearing allegiance to the Crown of England and renouncing their Catholic faith.  It was quite clear that the English had a particular plan in mind:  “erase their French language and culture and their Catholic religion and make them one of us (the English).”

Fr. Guidry continues:  “I write this because I am disturbed by the fact that what the English could not do to our Acadian ancestors, we, their descendants, are doing to ourselves.  It saddens me to see so many young couples with French Acadian family names, names that we can assume are or once were Catholic, marrying outside the Catholic Church by judges, ministers, or whoever.

“We no longer tell the old stories, sing the old songs, have the same close families, or worship in the one true Church.

“The French language has given way to English, the traditional music to country, rock, or rap, our good home cooked Cajun meals to fast food.

“Wake up South Louisiana!  The more we become like the rest of America, the more we lose our unique identity!

Special Note:  The full text of Fr. Guidry’s treatise may be read on www.cafa.org under “Interesting Reading.”


The Trahan Family Association has scheduled Saturday October 18, 2003 as the date of our next regular meeting/reunion, and the location will once again be the Woodmen of the World Hall in Maurice, Louisiana. The gathering will be from 10:00am till 1:00pm, and following our meeting and business discussions, we will have a meal of bar-b-qued brisket, and the cost will be $5 per person for the meal.

I would also remind all of the upcoming Broussard “Famille Beausoleil” next gathering, scheduled for Saturday August 23, 2003, and also at the Woodmen of the World Hall. Those of you who are able to do so, please RSVP and let us know if you plan to attend, and how many will be in your group; RSVP to Loubert at  phone: 337-893-2084 or  Email:  lgtrahan@cox-internet.com , or Mitch  at phone:  337-989-0319 or  Email:  whiskey6@earthlink.net,  or Ray via Email beaufile@bellsouth.net
Looking forward to seeing and a visiting with all of you.   

Ray Trahan


Trahan Family Crest Installed at Acadian Memorial

The Trahan Family  Crest has been successfully installed in the Memorial Garden at the Acadian Memorial. The Trahan Crest was last of the eight family  crests chosen for installation.  We encourage all Trahan and Trahan related kin to make a point to go to the Acadian Memorial and view and share your heritage.


The Trahan Coat of Arms as depicted at the Acadian Memorial, St. Martinville, La.   The "Coat" is part of a group of 4 similar depiction as shown in the center photo.  All these are in a beautiful garden setting between the Memorial Building and Bayou Teche and overlooked by the replica of the Deportation Cross that is also erected on the banks of Bayou Teche.



       Text Box: Mail to:
Trahan Family Association
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Please expect_____persons in our group to attend the meeting on October 18, 2003, and partake in the noon meal.