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Une Famille, Beaucoup Nom
June 30, 2002



         Trahan Family sets 20 July 2002 for election of Officers.

President Charles Trahan has called a family gathering for 20 July 2002 at the Woodmen of the World Hall, located in Maurice, Louisiana.  This gathering will be asked to elect a slate of Officers to positions including President, Vice President, Treasurer, and to fill vacant Board of Governors positions. The newly elected will serve for a period of four years, and will lead us through the planned “Bi-Centennial Celebration of Louisiana Purchase”, as well as the up coming “Congrès Mondial de Nova Scotia, 2004”.   The meeting will start at 10am, and end at 2pm; a meal will be served at noon at a cost $5 per  person;  the proceeds will be utilized to assist Trahan Family Association for the two events aforementioned.  While we realize that not everyone planning on attending will be able to write, e-mail, or call, we ask those that can to RSVP to Loubert (893-2084) or Mitch Conover (989-0319) or e-mail lgtrahan@cox-internet.com, charles@falconrice.co, or whiskey6@earthlink.net, that we determine the size gathering that we are cooking for. Those of you who are unfamiliar with the location of the Woodmen of the World Hall, the Hall  is ¼ mile (2 blocks) west of the signal light at intersection of Highway 167 and Highway 92 in Maurice; Maurice is located midway between Lafayette and Abbeville of Highway 167. If further directions are needed, call or write.

A Message from Charles Trahan - Click Here

Betty Trahan Poche
Sean Guidry

Dates and locations of upcoming events

The “Bi-Centennial of the Louisiana Purchase” will hold the Reunion portion of this celebration on June 13, 14. and 15 in Rayne, Louisiana at the Rayne Civic Center; more information will be available at our Meeting on July 20, 2002, and in the next Newsletter.

Congrès Mondial - Nova Scotia 2004 planned activities:








July 31, 2004

Opening Ceremony


Ginette Arsenault

August 1, 2004


Grand Pre

Rene Thibodeau

August 2, 2004


Clare ou Argyle

Gena Doucet Boudrou

August 2, 2004



Alfred Benoit

August 2-7, 2004


Port Royal, Larry’s River, Grand Pre, Antigonish

Bill Gerrior

August 3-4, 2004



Paul Angus Desveaux

August 4-5




August 4-6, 2004


Isle Madame

Josette Marchand

August 6-8, 2004

Trahan and Leger

Grand Pre and Wolfville, Windsor

Eric Trahan

August 7, 2004

Mi-temps show


Ginette Arsenault

August 7, 2004



Vickie Maillet LeBlanc

August 7, 2004



Bernard Belliveau

August 7, 2004



Yvonne Theriault-LeBlanc

August 7, 2004

D’Entremont, Muise, d’Eon


Jean-Bernard d’Entremont

August 8, 2004 Amirault Pubnico Neil Amirault
August 8, 2004 Cottreau Wedgeport Jeanne Cottreau
August 8, 2004 Mi-Temps Show Cheticamp Ginette Arsenault
August 8, 2004 Pothier & Corporon Argyle Charlene Pothier
August 9, 2004 Benoit Tracadie Alfred Benoit
August 9, 2004 Landry Windsor Richard Landry
August 9-10, 2004 Poirier Cheticamp Joseph-Henri Poirier
August 11, 2004 Dugas Clare Emile Dugas
August 11-12, 2004 Robichaud Meteghan Kenneth Robichaud
August 11-13, 2004 Broussard Pomquet Alfred Benoit
August 12, 2004 Comeau Clare Demise Comeau Desaulets
August 12, 2004 Mallet Baie Ste-Marie Jean-Pierre Mallet
August 13-15, 2004 Richard Halifax Irene Schofield
August 13-15, 2004 Samson/Sampson Isle Madame Yvon Samson
August 14, 2004 LeBlanc Clare Hector LeBlanc
August 14, 2004 Saulnier/Sonnier Saulnierville Frank Saulnier
August 15, 2004 Official Closing Ceremony Grand Pre Ginette Arsenault
August 15, 2004 Mass Grand Pre Donna Doucet
August 15, 2004 Big Show Halifax Ginette Arsenault



            For further information, please contact :   Ginette Arsenault at (902) 424-2041 or by
             e-mail at :

        Work is ongoing in attempt to organize reunions for the following families:
Babineau  (contact Genevieve Babineau)
Blanchard, Vacon, Frotten, Dulong  (contact Cyrille LeBlanc)
Bourque  (contact Armand Bourque)
Clairemont, de Viller, Harris, Fitzgerald, Jacquard (contact Robert Harris)
Hebert (no contact at this time)
Forest (contact  Denis Forest)
Granger (contact Francois Granger)
Guidry (contact Martin Guidry)
Hubbard (contact Richard Hubbard)
Melanson (contact eddie D. Melanson)
Pellerin(contact Jude Avery)
Surette and Babin (contact Cyrille LeBlanc)
Thibeau (contact Bill Thibeau)

Bits and Pieces.
By Loubert Trahan
Myths about Bilingualism

Further information about all of these myths can be found in the books listed on the
Books and Newsletters page.

·         "Learning two languages confuses a child and lowers his intelligence."
Old, poorly designed studies done primarily in the United States claimed to show that bilinguals
had lower intelligence than monolinguals. Newer research has revealed several flaws in the studies.
The most obvious flaw is that the bilingual children were recent immigrants, with poorer knowledge
of English and more stressful life situations than their monolingual counterparts. Newer studies with
more careful controls have shown that bilinguals are better at some specific tasks, such as language
games, but that otherwise the differences between bilinguals and monolinguals are negligible.

  • "A child should learn one language properly first; then you can start teaching the other."
    As in the myth above, this is an old belief based on flawed research. Children who learn two languages
    in a loving, supportive environment learn them both well. Children who learn two languages in a stressful environment may have language development problems - but so will children learning only one language
    in that same sort of environment.
  • "A child who learns two languages won't feel at home in either of them. She'll always feel caught
    between two cultures."

    Relatives, friends and strangers will often caution about the "identity problems" children may develop
    if their parents insist on maintaining a bilingual home. The children, they believe, will grow up without
     strongly identifying with either of the languages and, therefore, the groups that speak them. Adults who
    have themselves grown up bilingual, however, generally report when asked that they never had problems
    knowing what groups they were a part of. Some even find this concern to be rather bizarre.
    Children who feel accepted by both their cultures will identify with both. Unfortunately it happens that
    two cultures have such unfriendly relations that a child who should belong to both is instead shunned by
    both. This is not however a specifically bilingual issue.

Kudos to

Elizabeth Trahan, daughter of Carlin and Faye Dugas Trahan was the winner of Abbeville Rotary Club’s
annual essay contest for the year 2002? Elizabeth titled her essay “What I want to be, and why”; the essay dealt with Elizabeth’s plan to become a Speech Pathologist. Elizabeth has enrolled at Nichols State University in Thibodaux, Louisiana for the upcoming school year.

I would add, that another winner in this event was Ashley Trahan. Kudos to both.

Program recommendation for Nova Scotia 2004

For all who plan on attending the “Congres Mondial 2004”, a visit to Georges Island, situated in the
 harbor of Halifax, Nova Scotia. This Island was the site where the British imprisoned many of our
ancestors, including Joseph “dit Beausoleil” and Alexndre “dit Beausoleil” Broussard.  This island is
where they lived until their release and departure in 1764 to Louisiana; an Acadian Cemetery is located
there also.

Please fill out the cut out below and mail to the Trahan Family Assoc. so we can prepare adequate
food and refreshments.


Text Box: Mail to:
Trahan Family Association
c/o Loubert Trahan
9515 La. Hwy 92W
Maurice, La.  70555-3239
Please expect_____persons in our group to attend the meeting on July 20, 2002, and partake in the noon meal.