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By Mitch Conover, Editor

Vol. VII                                                       Ensemble      Encore                                      Fall         -       2005


Next gathering scheduled November 12, 2005

The meeting will occur in Maurice at the Woodmen of World Hall, and will commence at 10 am. Following our normal business and announcements, we will have a lunch of jambalaya, and usual side dish, plus desert.  We will also have punch and water, but those who prefer having a cold beer with their meal may bring their beer to the meeting.  I would ask that common sense be applied in what you bring and the quantity you bring. 

The Trahan get together will be followed by a meeting of the CAFA Board of Governors.


President’s Corner

By Ray Trahan

250 years ago our Acadian Ancestors were forcefully evicted from their lands, many placed on boats, and shipped to various parts of the world. Some to the colonies on the east coast, some to England, and some eventually arriving in France. I would add, that a group led by the “Beausoleil Broussard” Brothers would resist this forced deportation by the British, and would eventually surrender and remain at Halifax, Nova Scotia until 1765. Following their release in 1765 from prison at Georges Island, located in harbor of Halifax, Nova Scotia, many of the prisoners would sail for land where French was spoken, and arriving in Louisiana. The remainder would go overland to parts of Canada to reestablish a life for themselves in new areas.

On August 27, 2005 we in Louisiana will commemorate this 250th Anniversary; in Canada, the commemoration was at beginning of August, and I was fortunate enough to be able to attend both events.

We, the descendants of these hardy, faithful, Acadians, have advanced far beyond the visions they likely held for their descendants, yet we ourselves have failed to take the time to inform our children of the history and heritage of our ancestors. Too often we wait for someone else to do that, which we should have already did, but haven’t. As I talk to many Trahan's, I find several who know little or nothing about their ancestors, some hardly know their grandparents. What a shame, that something so beautiful is being ignored.

In my two years as your president, I have traveled to France, to Canada, and have had numerous visitors from both areas as guests at my house. These cousins actually have shown more pride than some of us in our roots, and certainly they work harder at finding answers about those ancestors.

I believe that we the best materials available for research, and our genealogist has never shied away from helping members or non members in
tracing their ancestors. So, do we use the phrase “I am not interested in the past”, or “I don’t have time to waste looking for ancestors”, as an excuse for admitting we don’t know how or where to start?

The day may come, or may have already come, when one of your children will ask about the family history, and when they do, what will you tell them? I urge each of you to educate the children and grandchildren of there history and  heritage. If you need help, call Mitch or Loubert, or e-mail them.

I believe the charge is acceptable, as most cases it is free.

When they celebrate the 300th Anniversary, I hope all attendees will know about the Acadians, who they where, where they came from, what they did for a living, and what they contributed to society.  The greatest gift you can give your kids is love, and teaching heritage is a labor of love.



Bits and pieces

By Loubert Trahan


While we commemorated our ancestors forced exile from their “Acadie”, and received a long overdue apology and proclamation from the Queen of England, we also were witnesses to other tragedies named Katrina and Rita, which have claimed many lives and devastated much of the Gulf Coast, an area that many descendants of those ancestors came to and settled.

The survivors of Katrina and Rita, like our ancestors, have had a very tough way, and they, like our ancestors need help. Whereas our ancestors were unwanted and abused by the citizens of the areas they were transported to, the survivors of Katrina and Rita are finding help and assistance and shelter from many sources  and places. We urge all of you, “Our Famille Trahan”, to be generous and to help these poor people make their way back to recovery; give whatever you can, and remember no donation is too small. Each of us that were unaffected by Katrina and Rita should count our blessings and give thanks to our maker.  God Bless all.


Membership application



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Membership is $10 per family per year (note: this includes unmarried children under age 18 years; married children, regardless of age are a separate family).


Mail completed form and entry fee to:         Famille Trahan

                                                                                                   % Loubert Trahan

                                                                                                   9515 Hwy 92

                                                                                                   Maurice, La. 70555



Dues for 2006 now being accepted

This affords many of you to pay early and save postage.



Directions to Woodmen of World Hall in Maurice, Louisiana:

If you are traveling on U.S. Highway 167 from Lafayette to the South, turn right at Red Light in Maurice (Hwy 92), and proceed approximately ˝ mile, and Woodmen of World Hall will be on your left.  If you are traveling North on U. S. Highway 167 from direction of Abbeville to Lafayette, turn Left at Red Light in Maurice (Hwy 92), and proceed approximately ˝ mile, Woodmen of World Hall is on your Left.  If you are traveling East on Hwy 92 toward Maurice, the Woodmen of World Hall is on your Right as you approach city limits.