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November 12, 2005

Woodmen of the World Hall

Maurice, Louisiana


The Trahan Family Association regular meeting was held on November 12, 2005 in Maurice at the Woodmen of the World Hall. President Ray Trahan presided. All officers were present. Secretary Rosie Trahan read a prayer. Vice-President Carlin Trahan lead the Pledge of Allegiance. Forty-five people registered in attendance and each received a copy of the minutes. Robert Trahan move that the minutes be approved as submitted; Ovey Viator seconded the motion; motion carried. Treasurer Loubert Trahan gave the financial report. A copy is attached to these minutes. He stated that the year began with a balance of $6988 and, as of this date, the balance is $6645 with all expenses being paid this meeting included. Total membership is 193.

The President announced that Canada minted a new nickel commemorating the end of World War II. Leo Paul Leger of Moncton has made it available for members free of charge and is being distributed by Gloria Viator. Viator stated that the value of these nickels is $10.

CAFA President James Bourque made these comments: CAFA is the association composed of representatives from all Acadian family associations. The Trahan Family Association is represented by its President, Ray Trahan. He is a board member and serves as vice president of CAFA. Loubert is the web master and handles all communications, electronic or otherwise. The Acadian Heritage Day held in August was a success. Attendance was very good and CAFA realized about $400 profit. He extended appreciation to Ray and Loubert for serving CAFA and for the success of Acadian Heritage Day.

President Ray stated that he serves on the Hurricane Relief Fund of Acadiana with the city of Lafayette to disburse funds being donated to hurricane victims. Money is received from different parts of the world - Canada, France, etc.; he delivered $36,000 to the mayor of St. Martinville donated by Nantes, France. Some donations come earmarked for specific locations. An 18-wheeler, filled with clothing, pillows, etc., arrived from New Brunswick Canada right after Hurricane Rita. Another 18-wheeler, containing about 180 mattresses plus food, clothing and school supplies, is to arrive from New Brunswick Canada. He asked members to notify any hurricane victims they know about this delivery. Zachary Richard held a concert in Paris, France to benefit displaced New Orleans musicians. New Brunswick and Nova Scotia areas held several concerts and raised about a quarter million dollars going directly to the schools in Vermilion Parish. He reminded members, when they are in contact, to thank these people for their contributions to Louisiana.

Special presentations were made to Loubert and Anna Claire Trahan and Mitch and Earline Conover. Conover made the presentation to Loubert and Anna citing their contributions, dedication and generosity toward CAFA, Trahan Family Association and community. Ray made the presentation to Mitch and Earline for their dedication and goodwill. He further commented that the Trahan Family Association is indebted to these individuals for its continuance.

The President announced that the 2009 Congres Mondial will be held in Catiket New Brunswick. Trahans are few in that area but there are many Legers. Louisiana has been asked to apply to host 2014 Congres and plans are underway to put a package together. The application is due in October, 2008.

Acadian Memorial Festival will be held on March 18, 2006 and opens at 10:00 am. Ray is chairman again this year and stated that plans are to have Evangeline/families come down Bayou Teche for the opening.

Ray read a note Mitch Conover received from Linda Broussard Norcross of Colorado. The note accompanied a "thank-you painting" given for his assistance and which he donated to the Association. The beautiful painting, An Angel Will Lead Them Home, was painted by Norcross, who is legally blind. Earline Conover moved that it be posted on the Web and opened up for bids; then brought back to the next meeting of the Association and finalize the bidding; Gloria Viator seconded the motion; motion carried.

Each member told their name and place of residence.

Two door prizes were given.

Margaret Trahan move to adjourn the meeting; Loubert seconded the motion; motion carried. Members enjoyed good a good meal.

Ernest RayTrahan, President

Rosie Trahan, Secretary