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November 14, 2009

Woodmen of the World Hall

Maurice, Louisiana


Trahan Family Association met in regular session on November 14, 2009 in Maurice at the Woodmen of the World Hall in conjunction with Broussard Family Association. Don Lewis (Broussard Family) presented the invocation/meal blessing and Kim Broussard led in Pledge of Allegiance in English and Charles Trahan led in French.

Corwin Broussard presented several awards to: Carlin Trahan for dedication in setting up facilities (building and meal) for our meeting; Faye Dugas Trahan for registration, table setup/decorations and serving up lunch.

Following several presentations, Loubert Trahan, President, Trahan Family Association, said that he has set up on his computer for viewing a slide show of the recent Congre= Mondial in New Brunswick. Treasurer Gloria Viator reported a balance of $7931. Loubert said membership has increased - more from out-of-state than in-state. He expressed regret for the denial of hosting Congre= 2014, but Ray would cover what is planned at that time.

Mitch Conover announced that Vernon Broussard, who is 92 years old, because of his desire to continue his work for the church wrote a book on leadership in the Catholic Church from what he knows and is available on a donation basis.

Brenda Trahan said she is now working part time at Acadian Memorial but will do contract work with Francophone people at International Trade Center. Also, she applied for a grant with the Smithsonian Institute through the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities. It is part of a Smithsonian exhibit throughout the United States which is called Journey Stories of the Americas which ties in with the stories of the Acadians, Africans, Italians and those that settled in the region of St. Martinville. Anyone who has family journey stories need to contact her.

Ray Trahan reported on CAFA meeting:

Approved the $1000 partial scholarship to St. Anne= s - last year Kendal Miller of Iota was recipient but could not attend this meeting. He asked for family associations to each nominate one member for this scholarship - deadline is March 1, 2010.

Acadian Memorial Festival will be held on March 20, 2010 - the Breaux and Guidry families will give the reinactment of the arrival of the Acadians. Plans are for an Acadian activity in October, 2011 sponsored by Louisiana Acadie, Inc. - probably a week-long event with activities in Thibodeaux Civic Center, Lake Charles Civic Center and Lafayette Cajun Dome.

Election of Officers - replacements are needed.

A motion was made and passed to approach Louisiana Acadie and be able to operate under their umbrella and use their 301C to apply for grants but maintain CAFA= s present mode of operation.

CAFA tabled the donations to French Immersion program in schools.

Gave a synopsis on location of 2014 Congre= Mondial.

A token of appreciation was presented to the chefs (3 Broussard sisters - Laurie, Darla and Angela).

Door prizes were drawn and meeting adjourned. A good chicken gumbo and delicious desserts were enjoyed by all. 

Loubert Trahan, Pres.
Rosie Trahan, Secretary