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May 15, 2004

Woodmen of the World Hall

Maurice, Louisiana


The Trahan Family Association held its regular meeting on May 15, 2004 in
Maurice at the Woodmen of the World Hall. President Ernest Ray Trahan called
the meeting to order. The opening prayer was said by Brenda Trahan. All present
gave self-introductions. There were 43 in attendance.

Minutes of the previous meetings were reviewed and accepted as circulated.

Treasurer Loubert Trahan reported the bank balance as $xxxx.xx - the
complete report is attached to these minutes. He expressed regrets that
Louisiana was bypassed for the next Congres Mondial

Eddie Richard, President, CAFA, said 15 organizations united on May 10 for a
press conference launching Acadian Heritage Week to be celebrated in 2005
during the third week in September which will promote the history of the
Acadians. Extensive efforts are being made to update Louisiana history books
to include Acadian history to be taught to seventh and eighth graders for
one week in conjunction with this event. Anyone interested may sign the
petition at the web site http://www.acadianheritage.org

Brenda Trahan, Curator, Acadian Memorial, said annual membership drive for
the Acadian Memorial Foundation or Friends of Acadian Memorial begins June
15. At this time an annual membership meeting is being planned with a lot of
activities. Tourism in St. Martinville is having funding cuts and invited
anyone interested to volunteer their time at the Acadian Memorial at
whatever level of interest. Also St. Martinville was awarded the
All-American Cities Award in the top 30 cities in America. In June in
Atlanta they will showcase Louisiana and St. Martinville to the judges.
Asked for items to give away in their booth. Grande Pre and Evangeline Oak
Park are twined. The Mayor asked that something be done to showcase the
Cajuns. Donna Doucet and Brenda are putting on a special day for the Cajuns
on August 9 in Grande Pre. This will be an excellent time to dance, eat,
play and learn together.

Sandi Sagrera, Vermilion Tours, discussed regulations, clothing,
medications, etc. for upcoming trip to Nova Scotia.

The President advised the members to get answers to all questions at this
time. The current exchange rate is $1.397 - use credit cards whenever
possible to received the true current exchange rate. Register for meal
directly to Old Orchard Inn with money up front.

Earline Conover made a motion that any member who signs up a new member that
both will receive their meals at half price. Andy Trahan seconded the
motion. Motion passed.

Mitch Conover announced that he is currently updating Trahan genealogy and
ask members to notify him of any changes to their family.

Loubert Trahan urged members to get local Trahans to join our association

The next meeting will probably be held next year.

Several door prizes were drawn for. Show of appreciation was given to the
cooks and Loubert Trahan and everyone bringing desserts.

Rosie Trahan led in Grace Before Meals.

Meeting adjourned.

Rosie Trahan, Secretary

Ernest Ray Trahan, President