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 January 8, 2005

Woodmen of the World Hall

Maurice, Louisiana


The regular meeting of the Trahan Family Association was held on
January 8, 2005 in Maurice at the Woodmen of the World Hall. Treasurer
Loubert Trahan preside for this meeting at the request of President
Ernest Ray Trahan. Loubert called the meeting to order and asked Warren
Perry to lead in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United
States. Rosie Trahan lead in opening prayer/grace before meal. Don Ray
Broussard read an impressive prayer which was read at the Broussard
Reunion in Nova Scotia but transposed Trahan for Broussard. All present
gave self-introductions. There were 56 in attendance.

Loubert called on guests present for comments.

Richard Broussard, newly elected president of Broussard-BeauSoleil
Family Assn., said their Association was meeting March 5 and were
serving crawfish. All are invited.

Warren Perrin, President of CODEFIL said that CODEFIL is a state agency
and the only one in US which promotes a language other than English.
Plans are to meet with congressional delegates to promote French
Immersion Program which is now in 32 schools teaching French to over
3,000 students. CODEFIL brings in over 300 different teachers from 14
foreign countries. It also works on preventing the media, Hollywood and
the press from degrading our heritage by making false statements about
our Cajun culture. He invited everyone to visit the Acadian Museum in
Erath. He wrote the book "The Acadian Redemption" which covers the
efforts to get the Queen of England to apologize with a royal
proclamation which was signed December 9, 2003. The first day of
remembrance of the sufferings of our ancestors will take place on July
28, 2005 in Canada and the Queen will be present. That day will be
declared a national holiday July 28 is an important date because on
July 28, 1755 the Nova Scotia Council, led by Charles Lawrence, voted
to deport the Acadians.

Minutes of the previous meetings were reviewed and Margaret Trahan moved that the minutes be accepted as submitted; Ovey Viator seconded the motion; motion passed.

Loubert Trahan, Treasurer, reported a little over $7200 in the treasury
with all bills having been paid except for today’s expenses. Due to his
illness and that of his wife, he was unable to give a more complete

Loubert stated that since Congres Mondial, the Nova Scotia Trahan
Association has disbanded due to one reason or another. Since they had
done such a terrific job of hosting, he suggested that honorary
membership for one year or two in our association be given to each
member from Nova Scotia/New Brunswick who attended the Congres Mondial
2004. Raywood Trahan so moved; Robertson Trahan seconded the motion;
motion passed.

President Ray Trahan thanked Loubert for presiding. Brenda Trahan ask
Ray to mention events of Acadian Memorial Museum. This year is 250
years since the deportation of the Acadians. Acadian Memorial is
celebrating this all year long. A day is set to dedicate the mosaics
for the governors and one is Gov. Blanco. On March 19 Ray will chair
the first Acadian Memorial Festival and asked for volunteers. The dress
code will be Cajun costumes, Cajun music all day long, there will be
performers, the Acadian Memorial Choir will sing, arts and crafts, food
booths, wooden boat competition on Bayou Teche.

He said July 28 will celebrate the 250th anniversary of deportation of
Acadians in Ottawa, Canada - tentatively scheduled for July 31 is a
Cajun Day similar to the one on August 9. Warren Perrin has been
invited to speak and an effort is ongoing to get a group of people to go.

At the end of Congres Mondial in August a group met with Society
National L’Acadie - that is the organization which selects the site for
Congres Mondial. CM 2009 will be held in New Brunswick, but they asked
the Louisiana delegation to consider putting in a proposal to host it
in 2014. An ad-hoc committee has been formed to look into this
proposal. The name of the association is Society Louisiana L’Acadie
which will meet in the next two weeks to elect officers.

Loubert reported on CAFA. He said Eddie Richard has been very ill and
is still recuperating. CAFA is dedicated to preservation of the French
language and procures teaching books and supplies. A shipment of text
books was received but cannot be distributed in public schools because
God is mentioned. He offered these books to any parochial school which
anyone is associated with. There are 42 family associations who make
monetary donations. CAFA will in turn give $250-300 to different
schools to defray cost of supplies for teachers.

Several door prizes were drawn for.

Margaret Trahan moved to adjourn; Carlin Trahan seconded the motion;
motion passed.

Ernest Ray Trahan, President

Rosie Trahan, Secretary