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April 26, 2008
Woodmen of the World Hall, Maurice, Louisiana


        Trahan Family Association met in regular session on April 26, 2008 in Maurice at the Woodmen of the World Hall.  The Broussard and Trahan Family Associations met co-jointly. Trahan Family Vice-President Carlin Trahan lead in opening prayer.

        Following several presentations, the Trahan Family Association meeting was held.

      President Loubert Trahan presided over the Trahan Family Association.  He introduced all officers of the Trahan Association.

      President Loubert dispensed with the reading of minutes.  Treasurer Gloria Viator reported a balance of $7441.  He gave an update on Congres Mondial 2009.  He stated that their government allocated $3,274,000 for this event and Atlantic Lotto (Casino) granted them $200,000.  The Leger/Trahan Family Reunion will receive a $1000 grant out of the government’s portion.

       Why did the deportation occur?  Loubert explained that a letter which serviced reveals that in fact they did take allegiance with England - in 1730 Alexandre Trahan signed allegiance and in 1727 Guillaume Trahan did sign.  So, contrary to what has been told, the deportation was executed primarily because New England farmers wanted their land.

       The president explained, out of his very interesting personal experience, the process of DNA genealogy program.  He offered the contact information for any one interested.

      A point of interest - all presidents of Trahan Family Association, past and present, were present for this meeting: Charles Trahan (first president); Ernest Ray Trahan (second) and Loubert Trahan (current president).

      The meeting adjourned and members enjoyed a good meal and delicious desserts.              

 Loubert Trahan, President                                            

 Rosie Trahan, Secretary